DID YOU KNOW? The origin of the name of Pompey Rock Villas is based on the historic and revolutionary slave central to emancipation in the Bahamas. It was 1830 and at 32 years old, Pompey was one of thousands of slaves on a plantation in Exuma. Almost 100 slaves, including Pompey, were told they were to be transferred to Cat Island. Pompey, however, defied the transfer order. Eventually the British Governor ordered that the slaves stay on the plantation in Exuma. Pompey was deemed a local hero and so began, the legend of Pompey.

The unique villas situated in a beautiful beach setting, express what the spirit of that emancipated slave stood for: Resilience, self-reliance, independence and employment for the locals of Cat Island.

Pompey, a revolutionary slave and hero in 1830


Cat Island is best known for its tranquil atmosphere, beautiful sandy beaches, rolling hills and rich culture. It is home to Comer Hill, the highest point of the Bahamas at 206 feet above sea level, on top of which sits Mount Alvernia, a popular tourist attraction. Here you will find the tiny hermitage built by Father Jerome. Cat Island is still basically unspoiled territory and is most appealing to honeymooners and nature lovers. The adventurous and romantic will find Cat Island captivating and mysterious as they visit many of our historical sights, which include our blue holes, beaches and nature trails. Untainted and unspoiled, there is much to be discovered on Cat Island.

Historical Tours



At 206 feet above sea level, Mount Alvernia, is the highest point in all of the Bahamas. Bring your hiking shoes to climb and view the 360 degree panoramic views of Cat Island. You will also see the Hermitage, entirely hand carved in 1939.


After the tour of the Hermitage, head over to New Bight. There you will see the ruins of the Great House that was built around 1755-1760 by Henry Armbrister. The mansion is thought to be the second oldest structure in the Bahamas.


For helping to protect Nassau from a Spanish invasion and occupation, loyalist Col. Andrew Deveaux was given this piece of real estate. The ruins of the cotton plantation still show the original detailed trim, stone structures and out-buildings.

Marine Life

Fishing in Cat Island



If fishing is your thing, then list your boat or book your charter. There are many options available whether inshore or offshore, wreck or flat or fly fishing. Pompey Rock staff can help set you up to catch enough fish to your heart's delight.



Perhaps you would rather spend the day underwater. Let our staff book a day of scuba diving or snorkeling for you. 



Whether you would like a canoe, kayak or catamaran, Pompey Rock staff can help you find the right vessel to spend the day out on the ocean.