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Are you visiting Cat Island? Book your reservation at beautiful Pompey Rock Villas where the beaches are pristine and the waters glisten to offer breathtaking views.  From the weather to the water to the sand, every inch is awe-inspiring. Its untouched landscape is perfect for those looking to explore the island's natural beauty, while its laid-back environment provides a unique destination to relax and unwind. Located in Benetts' Harbour, a 10-minute drive from Arthur's Town Airport, our villas can accommodate singles, couples and families for a night, a week and even longer.


Sit back, feel refreshed and invigorated with the fresh air and the ocean breeze upon your face. With 50 miles of rolling hills, endless nature trails and the eight-mile Pink Sand Beach, visitors can choose to do everything or absolutely nothing at all. At Pompey Rock, we specialize in quiet and relaxing holidays in a serene setting away from the hustle and bustle of a busy lifestyle. You'll also discover the birthplace of the Bahamas' indigenous rake and scrape music, along with numerous myths and folklore that still hold a place in Bahamian culture today.

Also, why not consider holding your small wedding at Pompey Rock, where the ceremony is always beach side. With a spectacular ocean front setting, let our catering staff help plan and execute your special occasion. We customize every aspect to include the smallest detail. Contact our Events department today. 

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